3D Printing – Tips and Tricks – Keeping Stepper Motors Cool (and Happy)

Ultimate Motor Cooling

Ultimate stepper motor cooling (sub-optimal cleanup and wire management).It’s no secret that stepper motors, and the drivers that push them, can get H-O-T.  I’m talking hot enough to burn you in short order if you touch them.  Hot enough to melt ABS and PETG, which is quite often the material used to make motor mounts in 3D printing.  It will be hard to print replacement mounts if you’ve already melted the ones currently holding your motors, so let’s see how to prevent that in the first place.  Skip to the fun, overkill portion!

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Eustathios Build Log – Assembly Time Lapse

Just a quick set of videos of the assembly.  There’s still a long way to go, and I’ll post additional details of the assembly later.

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Favorite Filaments

I wanted to take a moment to call out some filaments I really like and that I’ve had good luck with.  This is not meant to be an in-depth, exhaustive filament review.  In the future, I may go into much greater detail on all the different types of filament, their strengths and weaknesses, specific brands I’ve had good/poor success with, etc.  This is merely a quick list of those filaments I’m currently using and have had good luck with.

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Hotend Blobbing

One of the issues I’ve had, particularly with PETG, has been plastic accumulating on the nozzle to the point where there is enough for it to come off the hotend and deposit itself on the part(s) being printed.  The layer adhesion is so strong with PETG, these blobs attach themselves firmly enough to the part that the hotend carriage can be knocked off course when it tries to travel or print through the path where the blob has been deposited.

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